Forum Specific Rules and Guidelines

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Forum Specific Rules and Guidelines

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:24 pm

Welcome to the Forum!

The purpose of this forum is for writers to share their stories. This forum is open to all members, regardless of skill or experience. Below is a basic set of guidelines which members are expected to obey.

Providing Criticism

Readers are encouraged to provide criticism on the stories they read. However, the criticism must be constructive and helpful. Simply labeling a story as good or bad is not sufficient, comments must be detailed and informative. Remember not everyone will be a skilled writer, comments are intended to encourage and help writers not bring them down. Writers may choose to disallow comments by following the steps explained below.

Labeling Stories

Stories posted in this forum must be labeled accordingly.

Title: Self-Explanatory. Include the title of your story in the subject of your post.

Rating: Rate your stories using one of the following: G, PG, PG-13, or R. Writers may also which to include a reason for their rating. (Example: Violence)

Criticism: If you do not wish to receive criticism about your story, simply include this in the subject of your post. Any members who refuse to obey this label will be dealt with accordingly.

Proper Grammar

Obviously your grammar does not have to be perfect in order to post a story. However do not use "chat speak" such as "ATM", "FTW", or "ur".


Off topic posts are not allowed in this forum. Please stay on topic and do not advertise your stories in another member's thread.

More rules will be added as necessary.


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